Why Salt?

Salt is essential in our daily diet. When added to food, our appetite awakes and makes the food more delicious. Another reason that salt is used in cooking and baking is that it brings up front the sweet element and reduces the sour element. It is also used to preserve food.  Salt in the food is a stimulant and tonic element.


Why Rock Sea Salt?

The sea salt is a valuable electrolyte for the body, ie it regulates the balance of the fluids in our body. First Hippocrates (400 BC) discovered the value and impact of salt for good thyroid function. Recent studies highlight the many benefits of natural salt: balances blood sugar levels, boosts metabolism, regulates blood pressure, prevents water retention, stimulates the body, makes us smarter, more happy and active people. Source: www.lifo.gr


Why Kytherian Rock Sea Salt?

From the rocky coast of Kythera, the sea salt of "Kalimera Products" is rich in minerals and beneficial ingredients. The salt is collected by local craftsmen painstakingly and patiently through natural cavities created in the rocks. Following the traditional process, they let it dry in the sun and then the white flakes are packed with care. To spice up your food, just rub it gently with your hand on salads, soups and cooked food and enjoy the slightly salty taste.



Recent News

We are pleased to announce the recent important collaboration with the company "Enarxis" which assumes as an agent to distribute our products throughout Attica Region.


For information contact:

T: 0030 210 9011900

E: food.team@enarxis.eu

Where can i find it?

You can order the quantity you want:

- by email

- by our representatives in

  Northern Greece: info@fileloinon.gr

  Attica: vassilis.kratounis@enarxis.eu

- from the online store here


Supply - Packaging:

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Northern Greece Representative:

K. Zournantzidis & Co Ε.Ε.

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Τ: 0030 23920 72617-8 E: info@fileloinon.gr

Attica Representative:


68 Ilia Iliou Streete, Athens

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F: 0030 210 9028700

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