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The island of Kythera was a crossroad of civilizations of the Mediterranean. Kythera was inhabited since the Neolithic era. From then until now passed through the island Minoans, Phoenicians, Mycenaeans, Dorians, Argives, Spartans, Athenians, Franks, Venetians, Arabs, French, British, leaving historical and cultural elements: prehistoric fossils, ancient temples, Venetian castles, Byzantine churches , British buildings. The incomparable beauty of natural landscape is characterized by lush vegetation, valleys with streams, trees, laurels, reeds, olives, thyme, stone bridges, water mills, paths and beaches with crystal clear waters.

At Kythera, the rocky coastline creates natural cavities near the sea level where sea salt is gathered in the old traditional way without any technical intervention. The coastlines of Kythera belong to the saltworks called elementary or primitive: they are simple evaporation basins carved naturally in marine rocks, filled with brine and are now rare. From mid-July to the end of September the sea in these basins evaporates and the local fishermen with effort and patience collect the salt in wicker baskets. They let it dry in the sun, in a perfectly natural way as centuries ago. For this reason the rock sea salt of Kythera is a product of high qualitative value.



Anastasios Venardos started as a chef in large restaurants abroad and in Greece. The secret of his success was the supply and use of Kytherian rock sea. And in response to the praise of customers for the unique taste of the dishes, he took the idea to standardize and market the product, creating in 1998 the company "KALAMITSI PRODUCTS OE", which made exports to many European countries with large success. Recently he created the company "kalimera products" which continues with the same passion and success to widespread use and marketing of the Kytherian rock sea salt.


The vision of the Kytherian Tasos Venardos came true and was to highlight -for the first time- the natural, Kytherian sea salt, standardized, outside the borders of the island. Since 2000 until today, we also promote the product in Greece in large Super Markets chains, in cooperation with our representatives, with tremendous response.


For any information about the use or storage of the product do not hesitate to contact us.




Recent News

We are pleased to announce the recent important collaboration with the company "Enarxis" which assumes as an agent to distribute our products throughout Attica Region.


For information contact:

T: 0030 210 9011900

E: food.team@enarxis.eu

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You can order the quantity you want:

- by email

- by our representatives in

  Northern Greece: info@fileloinon.gr

  Attica: vassilis.kratounis@enarxis.eu

- from the online store here


Supply - Packaging:

Kalimera Products

Agia Pelagia, Kythera

Τ: 0030 27360 33833

E: venardos@otenet.gr


Northern Greece Representative:

K. Zournantzidis & Co Ε.Ε.

Neo Rysio, Thessaloniki

Τ: 0030 23920 72617-8 E: info@fileloinon.gr

Attica Representative:


68 Ilia Iliou Streete, Athens

Τ: 0030 210 9011900

F: 0030 210 9028700

E: food.team@enarxis.eu











Venardos Hotels & SPA

Agia Pelagia, Kythera

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